5 Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor Exercise

Convey Times – We’ve all had that feeling at one time or another. The sense of being tired of doing the same workouts within the same four walls of the gym. You’re not physically exhausted, but you mentally burn out just imagining going to the same place for yet another weight lifting session. This feeling leads you to develop a negative connotation towards training in general, and this is how you go from getting gainz to getting fat in no time. How do you overcome this? Why don’t you switch it up a bit with some 5 benefits of outdoor exercise?

Outdoor Exercise
Outdoor Exercise

The change of scenery itself is good enough to jump start your juices and get excited about training again. And not only that, there’s a lot more good to working out in the sun than you might first consider. Check out these 5 benefits of outdoor exercise and break through your fitness rut right now!

1.) Vitamin D
It seems counter-intuitive with all the sunshine we’re getting here, but did you know that Vitamin D deficiency in UAE residents one of highest in the world according to the International Osteoporosis Foundation? Because we try to avoid the sun so much more than if we were in any other environment, we end up not getting enough sunlight and therefore, not enough Vitamin D. A majority of sufferers are Arab women, because they are usually covered. Outdoor exercise means you’ll have enough exposure to get your Vitamin D fix.

2.) Physics = physique
You have stationary bikes, treadmills and elliptical machines in the gym, sure – but did you know that trying to do the same movements outdoors means you’ll be factoring in wind resistance that makes these exercises a little tougher? That means you end up burning more calories with the same distance covered and time spent. This is not something you can simulate indoors, unless you try and jog in front of a big industrial fan like one of those iFly things. In addition, any machine cannot truly make you do all the work. Some of it is still done by the cardio machines that you spend hours on while watching Netflix. Only by going outside and doing all the movement by yourself will you be able eliminate machine assistance.

3.) Chemistry is your best friend
The musky air of a hardcore gym’s airtight environment is not the most conducive element to a good workout, but we all power through it in the name of fitness. What if you could take that work outside? Training outdoors means you have access to a lot more oxygen, triggering the release of feel-good hormone serotonin. The same stuff entering your bloodstream snowballs into a positive attitude towards training, making you want to keep doing it day after day. Increased oxygenation is most effective when paired with aerobic (cardio) exercise.

4.) Zone in to nature
While we tend to view all greenery that we see here in the UAE as merely decorative and artificial, nature wasn’t built that way. Green exercise helps restore focus, reduce stress, and improves cognitive function, and you can reap all these benefits just by ditching the gym for a couple days and doing your exercise in the park. Studies have also found that people tend to perform better and longer while feeling less strained when training outdoors. That leads to more total calories burned, which is what we’re all after in the first place.

5.) Save some cash
We know how expensive gym memberships can be, especially in Dubai. If you’re not after a Mr. Olympia physique and just want to stay fit and lean, perhaps it’s time to do away with the gym altogether. There are tons of parks in the city where you can do cardio exercises as well as body weight movements without the monthly debit from those large fitness chains. I know some people who have built amazing, massive bodies just using playground bars so this is not at all a lesser alternative to the Bowflex dumbbells at the big-name gyms.


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